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Hello girls!

Today I'll be presenting you a beautiful online store called FormalDressAustralia.
Give them a visit, check out the site and then we can continue talking about what they have to offer.

FormalDressAustralia is an online shop which sells one thing only - dresses.

There are hundreds and hundreds of models - backless, long, short, mid-lenght, formal, casual...

I decided to check them out but particularly focus on black formal dresses. The ones I prefer are actually backless ones perfect for a variety of occasions - evenings out, prom, weddings...

I will show you a few models I really like and you can check out each and every one of them just by clicking on the picture of the dress that caught your eye. Let's begin.

The first dress is a gorgeous, elegant pick with a mermaid-like bottom. I think it's perfect paired with some stilettos and wearing this to the red carpet would make you glow! If you don't have access to the red carpet (uhm, like us normal humans?) you can sure stun everyone on a wedding or at prom.

 If you're feeling a little extra at your prom, you will surely stand out with this gorgeous backless black dress that looks like Beyonce just stepped out of it! It's full of pearls and gems, making you glow and shine in front of your friends and family.

 Our next dress is really sensual and will let you be in the spotlight for the rest of the night. It's a lacey black dress (backless, ofcourse) and is perfect for an evening out with someone special.

This dress is absolutely perfect for prom! It looks just like the perfect ratio of elegance and extra, doesn't it? The fact that there is a shorter skirt under the main material and that people can see your legs is really nice!

 Our last dress is a really formal one. It's extremelly elegant with all of the material being scrumbled and decorated with sequins all throughout!

Which one is your favorite, ladies? I am all about the first and the third one!

Have fun exploring the shop,
Lana M.

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