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Since I'll be presenting you a foreign company today, we'll be talking in english! Hope it doesn't bother you! If it does, make sure to find the translation button in my blog's sidebar!

Halloween is approaching and although it's an American holiday, I think that Europe is starting to be all about it too! I have collaborated with a great site called Banggood (which you can visit directly by clicking the name of the company) and they have the best supplies for Halloween!

Banggood is one of those great online webshops where you can find almost everything you need, if not everything! They have clothes, accessories, jewelry, toys, DIY supplies, decorations, phone cases, technology and much more. Everything is very affordable and you'll be very pleased with the variety of produts they offer for free shipping!

 If you like Halloween and you feel like making a party, but not spending too much money, Banggood is your man.

First thing you gotta have are these fake worms, a great decoration that'll make your place spooky for only 2$ for 15 pcs! Check them out here and tell me they aren't great!

 If you are a perfectionist and you want your party to have the true Halloween vibe, these pillows are a must-have! For only 5$ you will get a cute pillow with a design you choose. Yes, not a random design from the picture, you choose which one you want! Isn't that completely great? You can check them out here.

No party is a party if there isn't any food. You can now make spooky cookies and chocolate treats with these silicone moulds that will make your food terrifyingly good (see what I did here?). Each mould is three dollars only! Check them out here and show of your scarily good cooking.

Best spooky vibes are produced in dark environments, but you don't want your guests to run around and demolish your furniture in dark, do you? Great way to solve this problem is to get these cool lights that serve as a great spooky-vibe-producers. You get 4m of this wire for 7 bucks! How great? Check them out here.

Last two items are for you and they are here to make you look all spooky for Halloween. When you open the doors for your guests, you will be the first thing they see and you surely want to make an impression. If you are going for a bold, scary lip, choose this product. You will get 3 colours in a kit for 10$ only! That means you can even change them throughout the evening if you like! You can get them here.

The last item can be used for several things. You can decorate your party or you can decorate yourself! These glitter makeup stickers are 2$ only and look how much you'll get! You can even choose colours! Buy them here!

Also, make sure to visit Banggood by clicking their ad in my sidebar! If you're not a fan of Halloween, I am sure it'll take 10 minutes only to find something you'll want to order.

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  1. Divan post draga! Obozavam banggood jer zaista imaju fenomenalan asortiman razlicith stvari, visokog kvaliteta a opet po jako niskim cenama!

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  2. Predivne stvari, u potpunosti namijenjene za halloween :D

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