BBBGEM will make you wish you are about to get married!


Hello everybody!

I am a professional in scrolling the web in finding beautiful things (at least to me) that I end up wanting to buy and I always end up spending a lot of cash on various things I find.

Just like every other regular day, I had my "web field trip" and found a gorgeous site called BBBGEM! They sell engagement rings and I, of course, do not need one, yet I was scrolling through the website for hours!

Don't even start... I know the feeling. You want to buy everything you see! 

As you guys know, I am a huuuge fan of rings and own about 50... But these... 
These are the true glam rings!

I want to present to you BBBGEM.
(you can visit them by clicking)

This wonderful minimalist website has a ton of engagement rings (which can be used just for regular wearing if you ask me, hehe, you just have to be glam enough to pull it off) and they are divided into several categories.

I am about to show you my favorite ones and maybe even a ring or two!

The first category is morganite rings and this is a typical 

Look at these beautiful pieces! Aren't they just stunning? You can check them out here if you wish. 

Also, something I found really useful, there are sizes!! Most of online stores that sell rings have a few sizes and if you have particularly large or small fingers, you cannot lay your hand on the piece you want (literally).

 The next category is wedding rings, and specifically cheap wedding bands for her
because, let's face it, some people cannot afford a few thousand bucks for a wedding ring, am I right?

These are maybe a bit more simple, but they look just as gorgeous! Less is more in the case of rings since a few "bling blings" and a nice structure can do much more than a huge gem, if you may.

Last, but not the least, a beautiful category called aquamarine rings made as march birthstone rings.

Let this not fool you, you do not have to be born in march to get these beauties! I am an August girl and am trying to forget about these since my bank account says no... Next month, babies!

You surely have to get these pieces, they are truly beautiful and a bit different than the regular ones since they have a gorgeous blue undertone going on!

Let me show you my favorite piece.

I just fell in love.

You can check this piece out here
Which piece is your personal favorite?
Did you give this awesome site a visit?

Don't forget, you can always wear an engagement ring given to you by yourself. 
You can be married to yourself... It is the perfect marriage after all.

Lana M.

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  1. Wow, kako divni prstenčići. Prvi mi se naaajviše dopao ^_^. Stvarno je predivan.

    Želim ti srećnu i uspješnu 2018. :*