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Hello my dear friends!

Today I have partnered up with Pickedresses in order to show you some of the most beautiful dresses of Canadian "descent". Prom is a big thing in every girls life and Pickedresses wanted to make sure that you can pick the right one.

This site originally called Prom Dresses Ottawa   will help you choose which type of dress is your personal favorite. I will present you just the few of my favorite ones!

The first one is a pure classic. A black dress goes well with pretty much any occasion and you will look simple and elegant, yet stunning and sexy.

You can check this dress out here, it comes in many different colours and you can see which one would fit you the best. It is actually a two-piece dress.

 The second one is a mermaid type of a dress which works very well for people with an hourglass figure!

This dress looks absolutely gorgeous and the lace will make the dress much more elegant so you will be set for your special event. It has a really well complimenting shape so you will get to show off your best features!

If you want to check it out, make sure to do it here

The last one I chose is also a black classic.

This piece, however, will make you much more elegant than the first two simply because of the shape it has on the front. It exposes all of your best features and even shows a bit of a leg to tease.

It is simple because the only detail it has is lace and a bit of sparkle, but nothing too much. Surely, it will however bring all of your spectators into awe.

Check it out here.

 How do you like these dresses? Which one is your favorite?

Don't forget to check out the rest of products this company has, they will leave you breathless.

Lana M.

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  1. My prom is in a couple months and I need all ideas I can get. So thank you so much for this! <3

    Minnah's Life