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Hi everyone? Hope you are all doing well and that your week has been great so far!
Today I am writing about two products which I ordered in a collaboration with

These guys are similar to eBay and AliExpress and they offer a 
big variety of products for a really cheap price! 

I saw this one in the category of "Health & Beauty" and I was intimidated right away. I have tons and tons of brushes, yet I never bought one of these bad boys!

This is a brush washing board (brush scrubber board) and is used to clean brushes and the dirt that lays inbetween the bristles, so you don't put bacteria on your face, obviously.

I have never owned a  brush cleaning mat and I used to wash my brushes by soaking them in water with a mild soap diluted. Now that I think of it, it was probably not a good idea!

This cleaning mat is made of silicone and you can order it in various colors (I chose this beautiful light blue/turquoise). It also comes in two sizes, a large one and a small one. I obviously chose the large one since I have lots of brushes.

Here you can see the brushes before (left) and after (right) cleaned on the mat. They are obviously not the same brushes, but they have the same bristles since the manufacturer is the same. This pad is changing the whole game up!

It has various fields of indentations that are used with various types of brushes and therefore this pad can clean wonders on its own. No other product required.

So, how do I clean my brushes?

I basically put this pad in the sink and (since there are these "squid legs", as I like to call them, it sticks and doesn't move) I put a bit of shampoo on it. You need to use a shampoo that is very mild. 

Next, I simply move the brushes around and, really, the pad does the job itself. There is no need to really invest much energy since the pad does most of the work.

Am I happy with this product?

Where can you find it?

Do I recommend it?
You bet I do.

Lana M.

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